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Hightlights of We Love Japan Tour

I have read on many websites that this place in Tokyo makes the best burger on our beloved planet, so I went to try it today. It was indeed the best burger I have ever…

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Bamboo Forest in Kyoto

I could not depart the amazing city of Kyoto without doing one last thing. You cannot leave this city without venturing into its Bamboo Forest. I really liked Kyoto, and if it would have me,…

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We Love Japan Tour Begins

Time for another Trip – DC – LA – JP – LA – DC- Here we go! Like Like Love Haha Wow Sad Angry Comment Share 47You, Hazel Yeboah Berkoh, Shirley K. Davis and 44…

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Nara and Osaka

Our We Love Japan ?? Tour continues. Today we went to the sacred town of Nara to see the Buddha, religious icons, and roaming deers. These are Japanese deers so they are well disciplined. Then…

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Kyoto – the face of Japan to the Japanese

If you don’t fancy Tokyo or get tired of it, then go to Kyoto, Japan’s second biggest city and the cultural heart of the country. Tokyo is the face of Japan to the world, Kyoto…

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