Tolu Olumide, a Creative Artist Producer within Entertainment and Media Industry. Specialty includes Brand Management / Graphic Design / Operations. Independent Music Recording / Performing / Songwriting and Production.

I specialize in offering creative ideas and solutions to achieve client goals and needs. This includes working closely with producers, directors and project managers to elaborate on show topics and scenarios, develop and execute concepts, and provide creative results.

DESIGN PROFILE: Visual Information Brand Management with significant experience in motion and still graphics creation for broadcast, print, web, interactive media, audio-visual video and film media. Strong educational foundation and 15+ years professional experience in the creative arts and media industry. Portfolio –

I describe my music as “Suya Soul” and my debut album, ‘My Love’ reflects the phrase as a sonic cross-cultural blend of Neo-Soul Inspiration and Afro-pop World music with mainly English lyrics and a touch of African Spice in the form of language and rhythm.

MUSIC PROFILE: Known by artist name TolumiDE, pronounced toe-lu-mee-day, is an award winning African R&B Soul Afro-Pop Inspiration Singer-Songwriter and Performing Artist. Former singer for four time Canadian Reggae Music Award nominated group ‘Women Ah Run Tings’ and Best Female R&B recipient for Nigeria Entertainment Awards. Debut album available now – . Download Music EPK Bio Media Kit . View Press & Media Reviews

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